Friends of Kinkora

Friends of Kinkora Alumni Membership Drive

The Friends of Kinkora Fundraiser Alumni Membership Drive is a drive to accumulate the contact information of Camp members throughout the history of the camp. Our goal is to have a list of at least 1000 members so that, as a community, we can react better to the needs of the camp. If you have ever gone to Camp Kinkora and have not already done so, please go here to register as an alumni.

Diocesan Camping Association

Diocesan Camping Association is a not for profit organization that acts as an avenue to foster communication and to represent the collective thoughts of it’s member groups in order to negotiate a suitable rental agreement with Catholic Community Services for the use of Camp Kinkora.

Diocesan Camping Association promotes the implementation of week-long summer camp programs for children, youth, and families. Our programs challenge the participants to explore basic Christian values through creative activity and prayer thus encouraging campers and volunteers to discover and act on their full potential within the English speaking Catholic community of Montreal as well as the community at large. Reflective of our role in the community, Diocesan Camping Association and it’s member groups hold a strong commitment to sponsorship programs, allocating funds for those families in need.

Diocesan Liturgy Camp
Family Camp
Youth in Action
Visions Camp